How do you live when you destroy everything you touch,

When your every action hurts the ones you claim to love so much?

Always caught in between a rock and a hard place,

Smiles so rare almost forbidden from your face.

With just one look you can infect the lives of many,

With just one word you can destroy bonds if there were any.

You’re just living a life that’s forever uneasy,

Putting yourself in harms way for others if need be.

Of course you never meant to and of course you tried your best,

But who’s going to care about that when all they see is a mess?

The constant over thinker with more thoughts words can ever say,

Now they know the reasons why you want to stay away.

Written by:

CassFrotastic x


Sleepless nights and puffy eyes,

Here I sit and watch the sun rise.

My morning coffee then hugs my soul,

So passionate in an attempt to make me whole.

Maybe it’s love or work that’s kept me awake,

Or maybe I just overthink, oh for goodness sake.

In the end I know the cause and I’ll sort it in due time,

Don’t worry keep the pills, I’ll be just fine.

Written by:

CassFrotastic x


Your life rolled out on a carpet of words

Or simply writing for the voiceless that wish to be heard

Lifeless pen and lifeless paper

Given life by their emotional creator

Appreciation for rhymes and free verses too

What does poetry mean to you?

To me it’s passion in whatever comes out your pen

To me it’s the times when writing is your only friend

It’s anything and everything you want it to be

But mostly it’s a gateway that sets my mind free

And even if that freedom don’t last for too long

I know that having the courage to speak makes me strong

Written by:

CassFrotastic x

The Pianist

Proud as a peacock I entered the room and I sat,

Gazing at the keys I inhaled and straightened my back.

Fingers placed gently each one to the assigned key,

Smiling as they danced with the sweet melody.

Playing sounds as serene as soft falling petals,

In that moment all is perfect I don’t do it for the medals.

My greatest reward is putting smiles on many faces,

And every time I play I am reminded of what grace is.

Written by:

CassFrotastic x

Loss Stole My Music

I hum to the tunes in my mind and it eases me,

Thinking of how my love for music had come so easily.

This is not just a hobby this music is my life,

While some hold on to people I hold my guitar strings tight.

Suddenly there was a loss that took the breath from my lungs,

Sadly neglect had followed and no more strings were being strummed.

The one thing I enjoyed was now thrown in the backseat,

Feeling broken I laid there in silence while my guitar softly weeps.

It may not be now but I do hope to play again,

Hopefully I’d be able to voice that loss in a song by then.

Passion for things are real but can at times be hard to maintain,

But keep in mind for every stop there will be hope to start again.

Written by:

CassFrotastic x