I used to think that home was a place,

Somewhere that I can call my own space.

Until it was mine and I could always find,

That inner joy that lightened my mind.

So I took a trip to a very far place,

And though it was cold I felt a warm embrace.

At that point I knew I was closer than before,

As much as it filled me there was room for one more.

The thought of this bugged me for months on end,

Then you were interested in being more than friends.

Though wanderlust I figured this will sort in time,

Because in this moment I’m just glad you’re mine.

The happiest I’d ever been, such a fresh breath of air

Nothing in this present time can ever compare.

After months of your company I knew one thing was true,

Home isn’t just a place, its anywhere with you.

Written by:

CassFrotastic x


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