The Vow

We fit together like puzzle pieces

A bond like no other that’s where our peace is

We’ve had our fair share of stormy weather

But after the storm, we found each other

And as we grow, we’ll grow together

Since being with you I’ve never felt better

Two dreamers living out our plans

More than just your girl more than just my man

To late nights and groggy early mornings

This relationship is anything but boring

It doesn’t matter who “gets us” we’re too busy having fun

So cheers to this love and to our union




The Face Series Part 2: Love


All your emotions displayed in one place

The most intense and telling part of your face

You speak to me in your silent language


No cologne, just as is, like a calm amidst a storm

In your embrace, chest to my face

And your scent tells me I’m home


Smile lines, red wine, deep thoughts and good times

Sweet words, passionate kisses, love songs and soft wishes

Inside jokes, pouty mouths, and brattiness without a doubt



CassFrotastic x

The Face Series Part 1: Pain


Many streams have flowed from these eyes

Been tired yet sleepless for many nights

So very fortunate to still see the sunrise


Dark memories fueled by scents from the past

Causing mind dents that are expressed in my art

That wreaks of anxiety, I know, I’ve come far


Blistered lips, so hard to smile

But what joy doesn’t come with pain as a guide?

So I’ll bleed to show you that I’ve tried


CassFrotastic x


Not every answer can be found at home

Some lessons may hurt you but they’ll also help you grow

Wanting to find your place, your time will soon come

When your eyes will open and rest upon the sun

An as such, at times, rain will arrive

Don’t be discouraged, for water too will help you thrive

With good things the bad is also expected

It’s a balance often ignored and never truly accepted

Ignorance being bliss is as weak as you can get

Because if you know what’s to come you can limit your regrets

Like the seed, you’ll find your way up and like a tree, you’ll take a firm stance

For where there is life there’s always a chance


CassFrotastic x

Player Two

A light feeling of no worry

A clear vision when life gets blurry

Slowing down amid all the rush

Holding my cheeks because I’m blushing too much

A blanket on my coldest days

Player two when playing Xbox games

Dry humour, one of our favourite things

Inside jokes are endless and such joy it brings

After all this time spent in worlds far apart

We’re finally together, time for a new start


CassFrotastic x