The Vow

We fit together like puzzle pieces

A bond like no other that’s where our peace is

We’ve had our fair share of stormy weather

But after the storm, we found each other

And as we grow, we’ll grow together

Since being with you I’ve never felt better

Two dreamers living out our plans

More than just your girl more than just my man

To late nights and groggy early mornings

This relationship is anything but boring

It doesn’t matter who “gets us” we’re too busy having fun

So cheers to this love and to our union




Player Two

A light feeling of no worry

A clear vision when life gets blurry

Slowing down amid all the rush

Holding my cheeks because I’m blushing too much

A blanket on my coldest days

Player two when playing Xbox games

Dry humour, one of our favourite things

Inside jokes are endless and such joy it brings

After all this time spent in worlds far apart

We’re finally together, time for a new start


CassFrotastic x

Long Haul

Let me kiss the scars you want to hide

Hold you and calm the pain you feel inside

Reassure you whenever you feel insecure

Prove to you my intentions are genuine and pure

Let us stay up all night talking about places we want to go

Cuddle up on the couch on rainy days and watch our favourite show

Have cook-offs and laugh at the mess we’ve made everywhere

Zone out in the bath about the greatness we share

Us camping while I pretend not to fuss at the bugs

You smiling and appreciating I’m doing this for love

Our road trips always filled with laughs and adventure

Taking life one day at a time creating our happily ever after


CassFrotastic x

What’s Next?

You look at me with want

You gasp when I touch you

Like I’m the air to your lungs

Filled up with so much passion

Your eyes…. They speak to me

When your lips slowly part ways

But your voice refuse to greet me

What does my presence do to you?

I’d like to hear.. And is it just with me?

Or do you get like this with everybody?

Sorry I didn’t mean to kill the mood I’m just asking

I just want to know if I’m getting on for a spin

Or if it’s gonna be something with potential of lasting


CassFrotastic x


What hugs your soul better than a hot cup of tea in the winter?

What kisses your skin in summer better than cool water?

What makes you stick around even when you’ve had enough?

What causes you to forgive even the toughest of us?

What gives you that extra pep in your step?

What gives you a feeling that you’ll never forget?

Love, love is what.


Written by:
CassFrotastic x

He Went To War

I’d rather wake up beside you and look into your eyes,

I’d rather not receive flowers for my grief and muffle my cries.

I’d rather push your wheelchair than be here all alone,

I’d rather have you here with me to make this house a home.

For my heart is yours without conditions,

And in me your heart has a safe haven.

There is no trial that can make me leave your side,

With what we have there is no room for pride.

So I’d rather have you with many imperfections,

I’d rather this life than one without direction.

I’d rather look at you than your pictures on the wall,

I’d rather have you in pieces than not at all.

Written by:

CassFrotastic x