Sunflowers In My Room

White walls now all is bright

Hanging around are fairy lights

The glowing reflections that I see

Calms the anxieties the day has brought me

Yellow, brown and standing tall

Such beauty laid against the walls

Sunny days or gloomy weather

Sunflowers make everything so much better

CassFrotastic x



Walking along the beach in light flowy clothes

Skin kissed by the summer sun as sand met my toes

Birds flying high over sparkling waters

Families on vacation with their sons and daughters

Farewell spring your turn has come to an end

Summer is here and it’s my new bestfriend

So keep the coats and cardigans it’s not needed at this time

Spf and flip flops are what’s currently on my mind


Written by:
CassFrotastic x

Best Friend

Family by feelings not by blood

Always there for each other in an instant

Sisters in spirit not by mom

Connection forever there even in the distance

You fall down I pick you up

And I will drag you if I have too

I fall down you pick me up

Because you have the same faith in me I have in you


Written by:
CassFrotastic x



Forever looming don’t let it in,

Your heart is pure and it shall win.


(This was written for an AllPoetry contest. Rules were: 4 line poem, first and last line containing only one word, the last line must be the antonym of the first word.)


Written by
CassFrotastic x