A Chance



You’re Toxic? Bye!

Stop allowing people to drain you and stop defending the situation by saying they are  “friends” or “family”.
In every relationship it’s a two-way street.
You don’t give with the mindset of wanting something in return but let’s be honest, a lot of times that’s the root of the destruction of relationships.
No, I’m not talking about the exchange of material things.
I’m talking about the simple things like just having someone there to listen when you’ve had a rough day.

If you’re in a situation where every time you’re about to meet up with someone you have to mentally prepare yourself then cut the cord of that.
I wish I had this mindset sooner in life, oh believe me.
I would have been way less stressed.
People that think the idea of a friendship or family relationship entails constantly taking are the exact people you do not need to be around.
I’ve been on the receiving end of many “friendships” like that and trust me, if you don’t pick up on what’s really happening soon enough that situation can destroy you.

Yep that seems like such a bad word doesn’t it?
Well it’s not in circumstances like these.
Selfish is exactly how you need to be especially if you’ve voiced your concerns to the leaching party and they refuse to attempt to understand or accept how you feel.
Be selfish with your happiness, speak up on how you feel, decide for yourself the people you wish to be around and stop letting people choose that for you.
You owe that to yourself.


CassFrotastic x


Sink or swim is what it’s down to

Already in the pond so if you swim, what do you swim to?

Maybe to the empty hands that you think is waiting for you

Illusion at its best don’t let the heavy whispers fool you

Deep breaths with every trickle of tears

As you float on your back it runs down to your ear

Above water under pressure and no one can hear the sounds

The whimpering, the gasps, your fear of going down

All the while being consistently meek

Crying is often mistaken for a sign of the weak

The fear is great but your power is stronger

The pond you thought where there exists no longer


CassFrotastic x

You’re Not Happy.

You’re telling lies if you say you’re happy with your life then proceed to go around making other people feel bad for no reason. If you go out of your way to lower people’s self esteem then you really need to take a second to ask yourself what makes you do that and also what would you gain by doing such acts. You see, a lot of people go around on social media leaving unnecessary hate comments and are the first to say “I’m not jealous, my life is great!”. But is it really?

A happy person don’t get a sense of self worth from bringing others down, especially others that they may not even know personally. I believe that genuinely happy people are so content within themselves that all their time and energy goes into self improvement and positivity not hate. Don’t give me wrong, we all have emotions and are entitled to feel things. However if negative feelings get stirred up by the thought or sight of other people succeeding then you may have a problem.


You’ve probably heard the following many times before but that doesn’t make it any less true just because you may be tired of hearing it.


“Hurt people, hurt people.”

“Misery loves company.”


It’s so easy to mask things with anger instead of just accepting the true feelings that you’re experiencing and taking the steps towards working on them. I think anytime someone starts feeling these things, they should really take the time to evaluate their current life situation and work on the things they aren’t happy with.

So many people have little to none yet they are able to share genuine smiles with people that are more fortunate than them.

However more and more each day we come across people that have so much yet still have these feelings and at that point I’m convinced its not just about money or material things. It’s simply a bitterness towards people that seem happy.

On that note take some time to self care and to focus on things that make you happy. The more time you spend working on yourself the less time you have to spread hate and at which point you will soon realize how pointless it’s been to spew this hate all along.


Cass x

Truly Forgiven?

If you’re constantly brought back to a place does it mean you haven’t truly forgiven someone?

If its brought to you in dreams in parables, does that count?

Multiple people in the form of one person,

Using the face of somone that weren’t even involved

But why?

I like to think that you’ve forgiven someone when you no longer feel like you hate them

So why the reacurring thoughts?

Did you not heal?


Did you not forgive?

Maybe you’re over reacting and it was only just a dream


Maybe there’s more to it and all isn’t what it seem


CassFrotastic x

I Remember

I remember those low times

Those alone times

Those silent cries

I remember wanting to be good enough

Wanting those hugs tight enough

Protection well enough

I remember wanting to be apart of things

Normal childhood things

The nice things you see in films

I remember what was stolen from me

The pressure that was put on me

The start of events that ruined me

I remember the help I didn’t get

To calm the thoughts that made me upset

Dealing with it by myself

I remember blaming myself through it all

Putting up a major wall

Wanting to end it all


Written by:
CassFrotastic x



We go back and forth with feelings

Trying to find a common ground


What we settle on is almost always at my expense

It’s draining but you made me believe it’s just my way of life

Nothing about this is healthy

You sabotage every inkling of happiness I attempt to gather


Yes you have been hurt by many people time and time again


Hurt people, hurt people

Give it a chance won’t you?

Everyone is not the same and everyone isn’t out to ruin you


It’s all you want, I know

You need something to hold on to


That lets you know the happiness you feel isn’t just too good to be true

It’s real, it’s very real

So I say this to you, “let me go because I refuse to be your victim any longer”

“Yes you, you will no longer drag me down” I say to myself


Written by
CassFrotastic x