Life Poems

I Remember

I remember those low times Those alone times Those silent cries I remember wanting to be good enough Wanting those hugs tight enough Protection well enough I remember wanting to be apart of things Normal childhood things The nice things you see in films I remember what was stolen from me The pressure that was… Continue reading I Remember



Constantly We go back and forth with feelings Trying to find a common ground However What we settle on is almost always at my expense It's draining but you made me believe it's just my way of life Nothing about this is healthy You sabotage every inkling of happiness I attempt to gather Why? Yes… Continue reading Hinder

Life Poems

The Sentient Tree Speaks

It feels so strange how times have changed, I look on from afar at every passing car. Everyone’s so busy, seems they don’t have a clue Of why I’m so heartbroken and saddened by my view. They took away my family, the ones that cleanses the air Tree by tree we fall and no one… Continue reading The Sentient Tree Speaks

Life Poems

The Pain We’re So Good At Hiding

Emotional wounds take the longest to heal, A mental war with both sword and shield. Such battle can take years to subside, Some of us give up and pay with our lives. It's always sad to see people's lives just fade away, The ones that never felt it always have the most to say. So… Continue reading The Pain We’re So Good At Hiding

Misc Poems

Christmas Blessing

Its that time again for Christmas cheer, Carols and cookies and lights everywhere. Families unite and the gifts make their rounds, As the kids unwrap them quickly with giggling sounds. This time of year is filled with so much joy, Except for the ones that can't afford food or toys. Yes it’s a time for… Continue reading Christmas Blessing

Life Poems

Trust Issues

Its been days without a word and it hurts like hell, She's been here before she knows this feeling all too well. She started getting used to the pain after a while, Doesn't stop her from feeling that sting from inside. As time passes by she tends to get numb, Fighting with herself "oh what… Continue reading Trust Issues