Truly Forgiven?

If you're constantly brought back to a place does it mean you haven't truly forgiven someone? If its brought to you in dreams in parables, does that count? Multiple people in the form of one person, Using the face of somone that weren't even involved But why? I like to think that you've forgiven someone… Continue reading Truly Forgiven?

Life Poems

Beautiful Life

Let's move on from what hurts us and smile at the sun Let's be excited that our new life has begun We're in a different place Our minds in a different space As we focus on what truly matters Meditating when life throws us rough patches The beautiful flowers and theĀ  wind on our skin… Continue reading Beautiful Life

Life Poems


I remember when it insisted on taking you from me Eating away at you like it was hungry Dimming your light that once shined so brightly Distorting the lives of friends and family You're the definition of never giving up You showed me that the lowest can always rise on top I don't think I've… Continue reading Survivor