Truly Forgiven?

If you’re constantly brought back to a place does it mean you haven’t truly forgiven someone?

If its brought to you in dreams in parables, does that count?

Multiple people in the form of one person,

Using the face of somone that weren’t even involved

But why?

I like to think that you’ve forgiven someone when you no longer feel like you hate them

So why the reacurring thoughts?

Did you not heal?


Did you not forgive?

Maybe you’re over reacting and it was only just a dream


Maybe there’s more to it and all isn’t what it seem


CassFrotastic x



What hugs your soul better than a hot cup of tea in the winter?

What kisses your skin in summer better than cool water?

What makes you stick around even when you’ve had enough?

What causes you to forgive even the toughest of us?

What gives you that extra pep in your step?

What gives you a feeling that you’ll never forget?

Love, love is what.


Written by:
CassFrotastic x

Beautiful Life

Let’s move on from what hurts us and smile at the sun
Let’s be excited that our new life has begun
We’re in a different place
Our minds in a different space

As we focus on what truly matters
Meditating when life throws us rough patches
The beautiful flowers and theĀ  wind on our skin
Those dimples in your cheeks when you try to stop a grin

We’re owning our happiness
And we’re yelling as loud as we can
Living in the moment stressless
Life’s at its best when we’re holding hands


National Making Life Beautiful Day
CassFrotastic x

Best Friend

Family by feelings not by blood

Always there for each other in an instant

Sisters in spirit not by mom

Connection forever there even in the distance

You fall down I pick you up

And I will drag you if I have too

I fall down you pick me up

Because you have the same faith in me I have in you


Written by:
CassFrotastic x


I remember when it insisted on taking you from me

Eating away at you like it was hungry

Dimming your light that once shined so brightly

Distorting the lives of friends and family

You’re the definition of never giving up

You showed me that the lowest can always rise on top

I don’t think I’ve ever seen you without a smile on your face

It’s like you saw ahead of time you already won the race

My amazing fighter I saw what you did

You made it known that your life had more to give

Fueled by positivity and joy in your veins

The greatest gains in life are often conceived in pain



Written by:
CassFrotastic x