Truly Forgiven?

If you're constantly brought back to a place does it mean you haven't truly forgiven someone? If its brought to you in dreams in parables, does that count? Multiple people in the form of one person, Using the face of somone that weren't even involved But why? I like to think that you've forgiven someone… Continue reading Truly Forgiven?

Life Poems

I Remember

I remember those low times Those alone times Those silent cries I remember wanting to be good enough Wanting those hugs tight enough Protection well enough I remember wanting to be apart of things Normal childhood things The nice things you see in films I remember what was stolen from me The pressure that was… Continue reading I Remember



Constantly We go back and forth with feelings Trying to find a common ground However What we settle on is almost always at my expense It's draining but you made me believe it's just my way of life Nothing about this is healthy You sabotage every inkling of happiness I attempt to gather Why? Yes… Continue reading Hinder

Life Poems

The Company You Didn’t Ask For

I'm pretty good at having you live in a loop I can make you hate you favourite place if that's where you found me People love to pass me off as just a mood While I exaggerate your life feeding on you being jumpy and uneasy Oh such joy I have embracing my good friend… Continue reading The Company You Didn’t Ask For

Misc Poems


Walking along the beach in light flowy clothes Skin kissed by the summer sun as sand met my toes Birds flying high over sparkling waters Families on vacation with their sons and daughters Farewell spring your turn has come to an end Summer is here and it's my new bestfriend So keep the coats and… Continue reading Summer